Once upon a time there was little girl who learned to draw by tracing over his dad’s cowboys and soldiers drawings ...

Hola! Thanks for stopping by .... is my main landing site/melting pot where I get to share all my work and creative process on art, drawing, graphic design, creative direction, cooking lentils and paddle-boarding.

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist ... or a visual storyteller according to the latest lingo in the creative world.

I ran my design and creative studio from home and I get to collaborate in different projects with the smartest creatives, thinkers, strategist and clients you could ask.

Most of the day I work on graphic design projects that range from packaging, corporate identity, visual identity systems, logo design, websites, digital marketing, etc.  I get commissions for my paintings and illustration and use it also in my design work if they suit the objectives of the communication strategy. 

I do keep my work separated in two different sites. You can see my art & illustration at and my design studio work at

You can email me and let me know what you think. 

Thanks  again for looking around!

Creating visual stories all the time .... through illustration, branding and design.

Besides her private practice Maria has been Art Director at Norlop-JWT (Ecuador),  Associate designer at Onoma with Roger van den Bergh (New York), Teacher and Director of the Graphic Design Department at Universidad Casa Grande (Ecuador) and Creative Director/Art Director at Original Impressions (Miami).

You can contact Maria for commissions on paintings, illustrations and murals and you can buy some of her designs prints and designs at her shop.

Maria Loor is an ecuadorian Miami-based multidisciplinary graphic designerillustrator and visual artist. She is a proud RISD alumni and AIGA member. Her work has been published by TASCHEN in the Latin American Design and Logos books. She has been also awarded by the AIGA Miami Chapter for the "Ecopartner Logo" designed for Original Impressions and recently her chair design won the "People's Choice Award" on the Aiga Centennial Celebration.  Her illustration and design work has been featured in RISD portfolios by Behance.

Her graphic design and fine arts work has been exhibited and is in private collections in South America, the United States and Europe.


2015 •  LATMD_D, Latin american Graphic Design Project


2008 • AIGA-Miami Chapter, "Ecopartner Logo" for Original Impressions. Best Logos Category. Miami, Florida

2008 • Book  — ”Best Logo Design”, TASCHEN — also showcased in back cover.  

Logo Design Vol 2 by TASCHEN

2008 • AIGA-Miami Chapter, "Ecopartner Logo" for Original Impressions. Best Logos Category. Miami, Florida  

2007 • Book  — ”Best Latin American Designers”, TASCHEN — "LATIN AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN"—The best latinamerican graphic designers from yesterday and today—by TASCHEN

Latin American Graphic Design by TASCHEN

2000 • III Design Bienal, Third Prize, Catalogues Category. Quito, Ecuador

1999 • “Best Ecuadorian Logos”, First Prize and Mention of Honor, Businness and Products Category, Graphic Designers Asociation. Quito, Ecuador

1994 • Bo Bernstein Award. Best Degree Project, Rhode Island School of Design Providence, Rhode Island, USA

1991 • "Cóndor de Oro" Advertising Award. Best Campaign for magazine and Best Poster, Advertising agencies of Ecuador. Guayaquil, Ecuador

1990 • Best Illustration Award, “El Comercio” Newspaper.  Quito,Ecuador

Diseño Gráfico Latinoamericano by Romulo Moya, published by TRAMA


Latin American Graphic Design by TRAMA | Romulo Moya

Latin American Graphic Design by TRAMA | Romulo Moya

2008 • Book ”Best Logo Design”, TASCHEN 2008, by Julius Wiedemann. Logo "Ecopartner" and also displayed in the back cover.

2007 • Book ”Best Latin American Designers”, TASCHEN — "LATIN AMERICAN GRAPHIC DESIGN"—The best latinamerican graphic designers from yesterday and today—by TASCHEN

2005 • Website ”Feria de arte”,, contemporary artists. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004 • Article Interlink Headline News No 3450, Article about the Series “Entre Amigos” ( among friends)

• Magazine “Hogar” March. Interview “De Pont-Aven a Playas”, Guayaquil, Ecuador
• Book Galería 2002 del Diseño Gráfico , Inforbooks Editorial (ISBN 84-95318-80-6), Madrid, Spain

• Artlcle, International Design Stand

2001 • Article "Cuando todos ganamos" , Logo Competition by the Ecuadorian Graphic Designers Association , Trama Editorial. Quito, Ecuador

2001 • Article Revista Trama Arquitectura y Diseño, "María Loor y el Diseño Gráfico"

1998 • Book/Catalogue “Diseño Ecuador”, Trama Editorial. Quito, Ecuador

1998-2000 • Several Articles, Graphic Design Magazine “Papagayo”, of the Graphic Artists Asociation. Quito, Ecuador

1994 • School Catalogue, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence Rhode Island, USA

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