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They Draw and Cook

Almost a year ago, while embracing the world of social media with my instagram account @marialoorart, I came across the website by Nate and Sally Swindell.  I immediately was blown away by the concept of the site and all the awesome talent showcased there.  Since then, while juggling a full time design job, my freelance practice, painting and of course parenting, my dream has been to submit a recipe to TDAC.  I knew I wanted to show my vegetarian recipes but It took me longer than I expected to decide what style to do it.   Finally after watching Sally's How to illustrate a Recipe webinar I said: This is it! I am doing it! For some of you who has seen my work on instagram know that I love watercolor and ink, but I finally decided for color pencils on art board. Here is some of the process of my first two recipes.