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personal taste vs. communication objectives

I believe that having good taste is key to be in anything related to creativity, design, communication or the arts. At least for me it is.  Now, one thing is to like or dislike certain colors, shoes, furniture style, etc. but that definitely should not be a decision element when creating any type of marketing communication or branding/visual identity system ( logos, brochures, banners, etc)   That's what differentiates designing vs creating art.  I can talk about both because I do both — When I am drawing or painting because I feel like it I can do whatever I please.  If I am drawing or creating illustrations for a client I have to meet the creative brief and deadlines.  When I give Creative direction and design for businesses I have to meet the communication/client objectives.  For example, if a project calls for loud-bold color palette you cannot go for a white/clean piece just because your house is decorated all white and you like white .... that is a big NO-NO in branding and visual communication.  It is important to understand the difference if you want to deliver a clear message that meets the brand or project objectives and purpose.

Do it great

It doesn't matter if you are creating a sketch for your next painting, planning the next email campaign for your client, coming up for the concept for a packaging.... re-designing a logo, creating a visual identity for a new or existing product ... just do it great.  Give your best, do your best ... with integrity, pour your entire soul, love, passion, effort and creativity. That doesn't mean you are going to please everybody all the time ... but I can guarantee you it will make you happy and your client ... 99% of the time.


Taking a break to work on my submission for "Mermaid"
@illustrationfriday topic of this week :) - Thanks Salli & Nate @theydrawandcook@theydrawandtravel for suggesting this on your creative playgrounds webinar - so much fun!  Visit to see the other submissions. they are awesome! #thankyou #illustrationfriday#mermaid #lovetodraw #artoninstagram#artistoninstagram #inkdrawing #arte #art#drawing #dibujo #illustrator #illustration#ilustración #grateful

And, when you want something...

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

                                                  — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

My son took this pic of me working late at the my studio. I love this pic. This is where I get extremely busy, focused, productive and very VERY happy. Love my studio - thank you thank you thank you :)

There is always a good reason

I was asked by a lady to paint a watercolor because she has seen one of my watercolors somewhere.  Because of that, I got excited and painted some more as options and prepared some other  illustrations, drawings and paintings, that travel to a far away land where the lady who ordered the  watercolor lives. Making the story short the lady that ordered the watercolor didn't want it anymore but because of her I got busy and sold many other drawings and paintings. Amén.  Here is part of the painting process of some of the watercolors.

My Shop

Last week I finally set up my first online shop in society6 - had fun doing it - and all the designs look great. Let's see how it goes. Here are some of the designs on the shop. Hope you visit :)


I have been working on this large illustration on ink about the concept of being grateful and thinking about all the things I am blessed: my family, love, my art, health. It is still a work in progress on a large piece of paper and black ink, but I am having a great time doing it. Here I share some details and sketches.