This is Maria Loor's blog about the creative process on design, art and illustration and life sometimes.

personal taste vs. communication objectives

I believe that having good taste is key to be in anything related to creativity, design, communication or the arts. At least for me it is.  Now, one thing is to like or dislike certain colors, shoes, furniture style, etc. but that definitely should not be a decision element when creating any type of marketing communication or branding/visual identity system ( logos, brochures, banners, etc)   That's what differentiates designing vs creating art.  I can talk about both because I do both — When I am drawing or painting because I feel like it I can do whatever I please.  If I am drawing or creating illustrations for a client I have to meet the creative brief and deadlines.  When I give Creative direction and design for businesses I have to meet the communication/client objectives.  For example, if a project calls for loud-bold color palette you cannot go for a white/clean piece just because your house is decorated all white and you like white .... that is a big NO-NO in branding and visual communication.  It is important to understand the difference if you want to deliver a clear message that meets the brand or project objectives and purpose.

Do it great

It doesn't matter if you are creating a sketch for your next painting, planning the next email campaign for your client, coming up for the concept for a packaging.... re-designing a logo, creating a visual identity for a new or existing product ... just do it great.  Give your best, do your best ... with integrity, pour your entire soul, love, passion, effort and creativity. That doesn't mean you are going to please everybody all the time ... but I can guarantee you it will make you happy and your client ... 99% of the time.

Latin American Graphic Design by TASCHEN

One of the greatest honors I had in my career was to be invited to be part of this book published by TASCHEN among the best latin american graphic designers. The historic content and artist selection - curated by Felipe Taborda and Julius Wiedemann - makes this book a great asset in your design library... truly humbled and honored to be part of it.

MLK poster in progress

Starting the research process for the MLK "I have a Dream" poster, part of my series of "Faces of Love & Inspiration".  The first part of the research process is letter size brush & ink quick drawings. Later on I will move to larger scale sketches. This series started with the poster to celebrate graphic designers some years ago (published by Taschen) and after that I did the one for Ella Fitzgerald shown earlier on this sketchblog.

MLK process poster-marialoordesign

AIGA Centennial Celebration

Last night my chair design won the People's Choice Award at the AIGA Centennial Celebration at the Miami Ad School. The chair design event has taken place in different cities all across the United States to celebrate the 100 years of AIGA, the professional association for design. Yei! So grateful!!  — Picture courtesy of AIGA. #AIGA100

Love and Inspiration


"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong."  — Ella Fitzgerald

I found this quote on Oprah's e-newsletter and since then I have written it on all my journals and sketchbooks. A few years ago I designed a poster for a tribute to "the graphic designer"... which has a question mark and an exclamation mark on each eye of the face. I was looking at it the other day and saw that the question mark could become the heart and I thought of Ella's quote that I love very much. I tweaked the image a little and transformed into a "Tribute to Ella". :)