This is Maria Loor's blog about the creative process on design, art and illustration and life sometimes.

Late night sketching

Tonight I worked in several sketches for different artworks. Some of them will become acrylic painting son canvas , other will become watercolor or ink drawings on paper or stay as sketches. I usually work at a smaller scale ( not too small) 7"x10" and I draw in 4B pencils or my uni-ball pens. I keep revolving on my favorite subjects: family, food, markets, fruits, cooking, trees and nature.

There is always a good reason

I was asked by a lady to paint a watercolor because she has seen one of my watercolors somewhere.  Because of that, I got excited and painted some more as options and prepared some other  illustrations, drawings and paintings, that travel to a far away land where the lady who ordered the  watercolor lives. Making the story short the lady that ordered the watercolor didn't want it anymore but because of her I got busy and sold many other drawings and paintings. Amén.  Here is part of the painting process of some of the watercolors.